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The beloved Sunday Spanish lotto offers up an incredible €5 million minimum jackpot – which usually ends up being higher – and boasts fab odds for winning across all tiers and particularly for the jackpot.

How To Play

If you want to place a bet on the El Gordo results, it’s remarkably simple! All you’ll have to do is select 5 numbers out of 54 and an additional key number from 0-9. So easy!

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Lotto FAQ

When is the El Gordo draw held?
The El Gordo draw is a weekly Sunday tradition in Spain which takes place at 9:30pm Spain time.

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Oct 21, 2018 El Gordo Results

El Gordo – The Pride of Spain

The El Gordo lottery has become a weekly Spanish tradition, with a Sunday draw that has become a favourite among Spaniards. El Gordo currently holds a magnificent jackpot record of €33 million and this Spanish lottery is sure to be providing players with even more astonishing jackpots in years to come. The El Gordo lottery has a guaranteed minimum that will blow you away – €5 million! An unbelievable sum to start any lottery draw with, don’t you think?

How to play El Gordo lottery? It doesn’t get any easier! Simply pick five numbers anywhere between 1 and 54, and to add some excitement to the mix, you have to choose the key number from a range of 0 through 9. All that’s left to do is await the El Gordo results. A perfect 5+1 match will grant its owner the coveted jackpot. Sometimes, El Gordo sees more than one player hitting all the numbers, and in those cases the jackpot is evenly split.

No winners? No worries! El Gordo will automatically roll the jackpot over to the following week’s drawing. This, in turn, means bigger rewards await next Sunday’s winners – across all tiers. Handing out money to multiple winners and having enough thrills to get you through the week? Sounds like you should start picking your numbers for this Sunday’s El Gordo draw and place your bet with Lottoz.

El Gordo Odds

The El Gordo lottery odds are quite reasonable, and surely not as daunting as those of other lotteries. The jackpot makes for 22% of all collections with a 1 in 31,000,000 chance of making it your own. Even though the jackpot is always the main target, having a 1 in 10 shot at entering the prize tiers of El Gordo, makes this lottery all the more attractive.

While the lowest prize tier of El Gordo is a fantastic 1 in 10 away, higher tiers – with bigger rewards – are quite attainable as well. The second prize has great 1 to 3,000,000 odds, but things get really interesting with the third-tier prize, which currently has fantastic odds of 1 to 129,000. The El Gordo lottery habitually boasts a large number of lucky winners in all its different prize tiers, which would explain its vast popularity in Spain.

Bet on the Winning El Gordo Numbers

Now, you can have a piece of El Gordo all to yourself by betting on the winning numbers with Lottoz. Two number grids are all that’s standing between you and a potentially life-changing amount of money. Whether you hit the jackpot or secure a nice decent sum, betting on the El Gordo lottery numbers will get you one step closer to making a dream come true.

El Gordo:£4.4Million
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